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“HOPE”, Barbara Cox, acrylic, oil and pastels on canvas

Carol Becker Lacave

Responsible of the Art activity
Associate Director

Frédérique Favro

Responsible of the Events activity
Associate Director
Exposition_galerie d'art_portaits_Steve McQueen_Mick Jaegger_papillon_galerie marciano_Pl des Vosges_Paris_Laurence Litomi_photographe peintre

Carol Becker Lacave and Frédérique Favro - Solo exhibition by Laurence LITOMI, 2023, Paris

Looking in the same direction but cultivating your own point of view


Above all, Be YOU is a human adventure, and people are at the heart of the agency.

Beyond art, there are artists and players in the art world. These are the people who inspire us every day. 


The agency was founded in Paris in 2011 by Frédérique.

Carol, who had just returned from a long expatriation (London, Shanghai and Hong Kong), was put in touch with Frédérique by Patricio Apey, a mutual friend who lives in London. A few years later, he became BeYOU's 3rd partner.

Frédérique and Carol fell in love at first sight! One is yin and the other is yang, they have nothing in common but they share the same values: respect, honesty, responsibility, tolerance, empathy and determination. 

Their passion for art and sense of humour seal this pairing. 


Pooling their professional and personal skills is the foundation of Be YOU. 


Frédérique will bring her experience of 360-degree management of high-level athletes to visual artists, while Carol decides to apply the codes of luxury to their career development strategy.


The Be YOU artist management model was born.


After 15 years' experience in the luxury goods industry in marketing and communications (including 12 years with LVMH Wines & Spirits in France and fashion in London), I joined Be-YOU in 2012 as Associate Director, after living in China for 10 years. My professional expertise in the codes of luxury combined with an overflowing creativity and art history studies in London, enable me to recruit artists and follow them on a daily basis in the implementation of a unique development strategy adapted to each of them. I'm involved in the Events activity, where I design the theme of the event and its artistic expression.


Founder and Associate Director, I previously spent 10 years managing the careers of international tennis players and organising sports events (ProServ, ISE International), followed by another 10 years in the airline industry (Corsair and Air Liberté) as Operational Marketing/Events Manager. While my first experience enabled Be YOU to set up an innovative artist management model, I am the agency's Event Manager, in charge of the logistical organisation of all events, including exhibitions and art fairs.

I also manage the digital and administrative side of the agency.



Expert in marketing of emerging and luxury brands, since 2005 I have supported prestigious brands such as Bernardaud, Lancel, Breguet, Jaquet Droz, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and around thirty emerging designers. What drives me? Support those who have “gold in their hands”! The beautiful encounters in life put me on the path of Carol and Frédérique, and our common values bring us together. Graduate of the MBA “Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management” from Sup de Luxe Paris, a “Bachelor of Arts, International Business” from the Sup de Co group, and a certificate in “Art History” from Sotheby’s Institute of Art,  our association was obvious. I focus, within BeYou, on the development of brand and institutional partnerships, as well as the internationalization of the agency from my base in Washington, DC.

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