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Art-related events

Solo exhibition by KIKO, Galerie Mickael Marciano, 2022


Be YOU is an expert in organising exhibitions in :


- partner art galleries 


- art fairs for galleries and artists 


- contemporary art centres 


- unusual venues to bring art to everyone


We want to offer opportunities to all talented artists, including those we don't represent,

Be YOU has created the YUMI GALLERY. 


The YUMI GALLERY enables us to exhibit artists at renowned art fairs reserved for galleries. 


We always favour solo shows to highlight the artist's universe. 


For each of our exhibitions, we work with the artist and his or her partners to decide on the theme of the show, plan the production of the works, handle communications, organise the opening, install the works, take care of the administration and all the logistics of the exhibition. 


Charity galas

One of our favourite areas is bringing art to major sporting events. 


Our aim is to create more bridges between art and sport, with a twofold objective: 


- to offer visibility and sales opportunities to artists by exposing them to a sporting world


- to bring art to athletes, their entourage and spectators. 


Be YOU has undisputed expertise in organising gala evenings with charity art auctions. We have worked with internationally renowned associations and foundations (Fête le Mur, Terre d'impact, Fondation ARC, Breast International Group, Enfants du Mekong, Action on Addiction etc). 


Our gala evenings generally include a gourmet dinner, an auction of works of art by an auctioneer, a mini-concert by one or more well-known artists followed by an after-party. 


Our charity auctions raise substantial funds thanks to : 


- our network of generous and committed artists who place their trust in us and agree to donate works to support causes close to their hearts. The artists then benefit from the event's publicity and visibility among high-end guests. 


- professional auctioneers whom we know personally


- MCs to boost sales 


- mastery of the live and silent auction process 


- production of the sales catalogue


- payment and tax exemption


- complete logistics (from delivery of the works to dispatch to the buyer) 

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Marianne_nue_femme sensuelle_peinture sur papier_dessin_bernard cadène_artiste peintre_Toulouse

“Marianne”, Bernard Cadène, 2021

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