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Be YOU Art Gallery 

“Harmony of life”, Barbara Cox, 2023

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The YUMI Gallery is the art gallery of the Be YOU agency. 

YUMI means "arc" in Japanese; this symbolizes our desire to propel the artists with whom we collaborate. 


The YUMI Gallery aims toprovide exhibition opportunities to all talented artists, including those that Be YOU does not manage. 


The Yumi Gallery is present on ARTSY, the digital platform of global reference in contemporary art for collectors around the world, thus providing international exposure to artists and allowing them to boost their sales in the USA. 

Discover Yumi Gallery artists on Artsy 


The Yumi Gallery allows you to exhibit in renowned art fairs, only reserved to the galleries. 

Welet's prioritizethen solo shows in order to highlightlight the world of the artist.


Welet's manage the application for the show, the choice of location and the configuration of the stand in collaboration with the artist, communication with the organizers of the show, the customs file if outside Europe,installation of works, the opening, the administration and all the logistics of the exhibition. 

Yumi Gallery has its own Instagram, follow us! 

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“Tear of joy”, Benoît Dutour, 2023

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