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“Dream Big”, Barbara Cox, 2023


We are artist managers. Not agents!

In order to best serve the interests of our artists, we do not take any commission from partners (galleries, salons, agencies) who exhibit our artists. 

Our mission: to support talented, passionate contemporary artists with a unique artistic signature, to make their art known throughout the world.

Allow them to DREAM BIG!  


Our job: defining a personalized development strategy for each artist: artistic approach, communication and image management, sales strategy, relations with galleries, art fairs, cultural projects, collectors, etc. Support the artist on a daily basis in the development of their artistic career.  


These are the Be YOU artists we represent exclusively and manage. 

Each of them makes an artistic contribution with high added value. 


Our selection criteria are multiple and include artistic approach, creativity, unique style, work capacity, innovative technique, etc. 


Above all, we focus on human relationships and work with artists who share our values: integrity, innovation, respect, collaboration, open-mindedness and empathy. 


Our mantra: Be YOU! Be who you are! 



"My painting is an invitation to dreams and enchantment. To amaze the viewer, make their heart smile and free their imagination".

Her artistic signature is instantly recognisable. A unique style that builds on Pop Art to create a new abstraction. 

Barbara Cox weaves an abstract canvas of enchantment and liberation of the imagination, where colour tells its own story. 

Colour in Cox's work is free, lively, joyful, without nuance; it gambols across the canvas full of energy and bursts out of the frame, infatuated with freedom. Relief appears like the icing on the cake, giving the viewer an irresistible urge to touch.

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"My artistic quest is to create the emotion that will awaken the child buried in each of us". KiKo's universe is a palette of all the reminiscences of childhood. Alongside teddy bears and Charlie Chaplin, KiKo's "Mômes" play on his canvas. By turns mischievous, carefree, sulky, melancholy or sad, these little travellers of childhood carry in their bundle the joys, wounds and secrets of life. Certainly the most expressionist of the French Pop/Street artists, KiKo works with charcoal and then Indian ink on smooth, shiny, colourful and powerful backgrounds. His technique reinforces an artistic DNA that is instantly recognisable.

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A sculptor through and through, clay flows through her veins.

Eva Czaplicki sculpts like she breathes. The work emerges under her fingers as if by miracle, the creation seems to escape her consciousness. And yet her artistic and sensory quest is never-ending: to create the emotional turmoil she feels when she creates, to bring life to the surface, to touch the sensitive. The body in tension is at the centre of her art. She seeks to find the soul through the body. In 2020, Eva received a Jury Mention at the GRAND PALAIS for her bronze sculpture "Origine" at the 230th edition of the Salon des artistes français, the oldest and most renowned of art fairs.

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This painter of the thousand and one colours of life is modest despite his 60-year artistic career, 138 solo exhibitions in France and abroad and works exhibited in over 25 countries. An alumnus of the Beaux-Arts, where he graduated as a drawing teacher followed by a professorship of Fine Arts, Bernard Cadène can afford to make chromatic exaggeration in colourful, irreverent and academically unseemly combinations his true signature, which he reinvents with every brushstroke. This great painter from Toulouse is constantly in search of emancipation, and the freedom of the soul is his oxygen.

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A sculptor of metal, and more particularly mirror-polished stainless steel, his works are an "I of reflections", questioning the viewer's ability to open up to the world, to others and to his own freedom. The artist sees her art as a multiplicity of dialogues: between the work and the viewer, between the viewer and herself, but also between materials, shapes, colours, light, space and time. The artist is keen to move art to where the public is, to bring it outside the walls to those who don't have access to it. That's why he likes to sculpt monumental works and create urban, permanent art installations.

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Laurence Litomi's work is characterised by the harmony of full and empty in a relationship between subject and background, painting and metal. While the eye is irresistibly drawn to the intense colours of the painted or 'solid' parts, it is the 'empty' areas, leaving the metal bare, that give rise to the subject. From this duality of full and empty, timeless icons, legends of history and anonymous figures reveal themselves body and soul in a magnetic double-play.

Like her subjects, Laurence Litomi's technique is complex, thoughtful and meticulous. Each work is unique and entirely handmade.

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In 2023, Be YOU launched its Incubator for young talent in the visual arts.


Called Be YOUNG, it is aimed at artists under the age of 25 who are studying at art schools in France and abroad. Its aim is to support them in developing their artistic careers.


Alongside their studies, these young artists can benefit from the professional support of an artistic manager, free of charge.


The first artist to join the Be YOUNG Incubator is Louise HAPTON.


Born in 2004, Louise Hapton is a French visual artist and writer living in England. She is currently studying fine art at the University of Westminster in London. A self-identified black (Caribbean), queer and neurodivergent artist, she explores her psychotic journey through painting, sculpture, design and writing. Louise published her first novel, Arnold, at the age of 14, after several years in a psychiatric hospital, where she developed exceptional maturity and self-awareness. Three years later, the writer returned to the brushes of her childhood to give visual expression to her ills: feminism, sexuality, the fight against racism, the border between madness and reality, and Mariage Frères tea. As a painter and sculptor, her art goes beyond reality, depicting disturbing characters and situations that raise questions about intimacy.

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Please email us your biography, artistic approach, technique, photos with a description of your work, website and social networks.


We examine each application with interest and try as far as possible to find a time to talk with the artist. 


We are setting up alternatives such as art coaching and the YUMI Gallery to try to support more and more artists. 


We receive many applications and thank you in advance for your patience.






Wishingproviding opportunities to all talented artists, including those we do not represent, Be YOU has created the Yumi Gallery.


It allows you to exhibit in renowned art fairs;reserved to the galleries. Welet's prioritize then solo shows in order to highlightlight the world of the artist. 

The Yumi Gallery is present on ARTSY, the digital platform of world reference in contemporary art for collectors around the world, thus providing international exposure to artists and allowing them to boost their sales in the USA

Discover Yumi Gallery artists on Artsy 

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Divine idyll_120x120.jpeg

“Divine idyll”, Laurence Litomi, 2023

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